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Do you want to own a high-speed & superior Google AMP website?

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Website design? Make DigiWeb your companion!

We have high amount of expertise in designing and programming a website that can create significant users’ experience. With our accomplished yet considerate team, we will provide you with the excellent customer service while helping untangle your problems effectively. It’s our pleasure to be an extended-arm of your business and let’s this journey begin.

DigiWeb provide you with two high-quality website solutions:

Landing page solution


Using AMP, we commit to reaching 90/100 (based on Google Pagespeed tool’s measurement) for Mobile versions.


This is the cost for an all-in Google AMP Landing Page package with the latest and most stunning Google technique. You only have to choose your favourite template, proceed the payment, provide content and images for us and wait for your website go-live. All in just 7 days or even less.


You will easily know the number of people filling your form, contacting by phone, Messenger, Zalo, etc. and easily analyze where they come from.


Reaching super high-speed loading and effective Google SEO and Paid Ads with AMP website

  • Free 12-month high-quality hosting (2.400.000VND valued)
  • Maintaining, updating website content in the first 12 months (costs 12.000.000VND valued)
  • Making advice on Domain name purchasing
  • Https security
  • Supporting with display’s customization and developing functions
  • CMS using WordPress or Drupal to update content and manage clients
  • Accelerated Mobile Responsive (AMP)
  • Supporting in coding and installing some functions, such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytic, Google Ads, etc.
  • Supporting with techniques and lifetime guidance
  • Source code hand-over, unlimited expansion

What to do?

  • Choose your template

    Choose your favourite theme and sign up for more advice and customization from DigiWeb.

  • Coordination

    Approving contract, proceeding payment, approving design and specifications, providing and approving content.

  • Usage

    DigiWeb brings out the website run with your domain name, hand over, instruct and support.

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