Best Real Estate Website Design service in Vietnam

Are you looking for a reputable real estate website design consultant? DigiWeb will be the great partner you are looking for! With experience in website design and programming consulting for high-end real estate projects in Vietnam such as Sanctuary Ho Tram, The Marq District 1, The Sim island Phu Quoc… DigiWeb confidently brings a high quality real estate website for you.

Customers give trust, DigiWeb gives quality

1. Real Estate Website Design service – Who am I?

I’m Nguyen Duc Thai (Founder DigiWeb) – I have more than 15 years of experience in premium website design in Vietnam, SEO, Digital Marketing, professional Youtuber.

  • 1. Used to live & work in Japan for software companies
  • 2. Used to hold the position of Digital Director of one of the biggest foreign branding & communication agency in Vietnam for 10 years.
  • 3. Website development partner and Digital Marketing consultant for many big brands in Vietnam.
  • 4. Content production partner for Youtube (Youtuber), Google Adsense

(Nguyen Duc Thai – Black T-Shirt)

2. The functions of the Real Estate website have been designed by DigiWeb

Based on the experience of real estate website design for famous real estate projects in Vietnam. DigiWeb has accumulated a lot of experience to create pre-built, fast-deploying and optimized website for the Real Estate industry. Below is a list of website functions:

  • 1. Front-end pages: Home page, about, location, project (overview), product (apartment types), e-commerce (buy & sell) ), shopping cart, investor, news & events, project updates, contact
  • 2. Content Management System for Admin (back-end)
  • 3. Easily change the logo, photo, video, the main colors of the brand
  • 4. Manage application form from website
  • 5. Send email notifications to sales when someone signs up for a consultation
  • 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) function to help Admins can improve the website ranking on Google search (updating headings, meta tags, image alt, og:image, canonical…)
  • 7. Easy to install measurement code (Google Analytics), code to run ads (Google Ads, Facebook Pixel)…

Note: If you need more advanced functions for your real estate website. DigiWeb can advise further development with additional costs.

Hình ảnh trang chủ - Website BĐS
Homepage screenshot – DigiWeb’s real estate website

Manage registrations from website – DigiWeb’s Real Estate Website

3. Pricing for the Real Estate Website designed by DigiWeb: 16.400.000vnd

For a website to work, there are 3 costs (website, domain, hosting). In which, domain & hosting are 2 fixed annual costs that must be maintained with the providers (Ex: Domain provider is Godaddy, Hosting provider is Hostgator…).

  • 1. DigiWeb’s Real Estate Website price: 13.000.000vnd
  • 2. Your domain name: 400,000 VND (1 years registration with 3rd party provider)
  • 3. Website hosting cost: 3,000,000 VND (1 years registration)


  • 1. For any website in the world, the cost of domain & hosting must be maintained every year. Therefore, this product DigiWeb chooses to register for 2 consecutive years so that customers do not have to renew by year. If customers can register their own domain & hosting with 3rd party providers, then you only have to pay the website costs for DigiWeb.
  • 2. Extra 10% if issuing VAT invoice

4. Working process & payment for Real Estate website designed by DigiWeb

  • Step 1: Contact DigiWeb via (Phone/Zalo/Email) at below to register Real Estate website design service.
  • Step 2: The two parties agree on the costs and make contract
  • Step 3: Customer pay according to payment terms in the contract
  • Step 4: DigiWeb conducts website design & programming process for client.
  • Step 5: The two parties agree on the time of the handover / website training.
  • Step 6: Conduct the training session according to the agreed time. (Time can be adjusted if both parties have unexpected force majeure events).

5.Payment information

  • STK: 0441003796246
  • BANK: Vietcombank (HCMC)


  • STK: 1031954882
  • BANK: Vietcombank (HCMC)

6. Direct Consulting for Real Estate website design

  • Phone / Zalo: 0902.604.802 (Mr. Thái)
  • Email:

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